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RECOMMENDED: NOW Later: there is no place that cannot be home* (Digital Edition)

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[*from ‘School Note’ by Audre Lorde

NOW Gallery’s ongoing celebration of the heterogeneous Black experience continues this October with there is no place that cannot be home. The curatorial collective i.as.in.we have been commissioned to explore facets of contemporary African diasporic identity through performance. The event coincides with Black History Month this October and NOW recognises the exigency of creating spaces for free expression and interrogative practice. 

What is built into an experience of blackness that offers us new horizons for thinking about this world and its possibilities? Deeping the ting and engaging the breath, poetry and movement of the black body, this evening asks us what is needed to create a shared language of liberation. What can we learn from blackness as it expands, ruptures and questions the structures that have historically negated it? Through performance and film, we invite you to vision a new world and interrogate what it will take to arrive there. 


Digital Programme: 

19.35 – where did we land, dir. Rabz Lansiquot
19.45 – welcoming – i.as.in.we
20.00 – Come Home – Ffion Campbell Davies (live stream)
20.10 – In Praise of Still Boys, dir. Julianknxx
20:15 – In Hot Time, dir. Leah Solomon + Jesus Hilario-Reyes
20.30 – breathe. – Shawanda Corbett (live stream)
20.50 – Godspeed, dir. Sade Abiodun
20.58- BLK Soap, dir. Darryl Daley
21.00 – Balance – Rowdy SS (pre-recorded performance)

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Throughout the evening, Harold Offeh will be building a sound piece from interactions with the audience to discuss/explore what black futures have the capacity to look, sound and feel like. To participate as part of the digital program please follow this link.


Image credit: Ffion Campbell-Davies,
Photograph by Richard Moore

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