Notes towards an Educational Tool is a project that explores educational structures and it’s responsibility in decolonising and how we can through an educational tool talk about the aftermath of colonialism.

The project was created as part of my major in Moving Image (BA) and relates to matters that I have come across in my studies at the university. I was introduced to a part of our history that was never really discussed, yet acknowledged in my previous years in education. Therefore I asked myself, how much does the teaching we have in school define you?

My research is based on my own experience and the Danish educational system but it is only to create the foundation of the conversation as I do believe we can draw parallels to all western education systems. Therefore, I would like to invite you all to think about your own experience in school and how you experienced the teaching of colonialism and racism.

My initial thoughts were to create a tool that could be used in an education structure to talk about our past in a more engaging and nuanced way but yet I discovered the complexity this surrounds. Can such a huge part of our history be simplified into a “more engaging tool” and how do we use the archive to explain such matters. What happens with the images in the process of recreation or duplicating?

Who are we relying on to change this?
The teachers?
The ones who create the curriculum?
The government ??

Let’s talk about it!

As this project is work in process, I am encouraging further conversations and inputs. If you like to share your feedback, or wish to collaborate on further investigations, please do not hesitate to contact me on It would be highly appreciated.

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