Kavita Singh Kale at work

Kavita Singh Kale 12th – 29th March GP Gallery 2018

Kavita Singh was a collaborator in “Teleconsequences” a

networked collaborative drawing performance installation for

the multidisciplinary drawing exhibition Marks Make Meaning.

She is an artist that lives and works in New Dehli. The aim of this

project is to explore the symbiotic relation between artist and

viewer, exposing the myth that creativity and meaning is a oneway

process. In (tele)consequences the creation of meaning is

experienced by sender and receiver through an open framework

as a process of cause and effect, or as Roland Barthes puts it as

the birth of the reader ransomed by the death of the Author.

Reflecting on the surrealist explorations of consequence and

chance the project echoes the words of Andre Breton who

spoke of these collaborative practices as “the most fabulous

source of unfindable images…” and asks how would their games

unfold in our present technological networked society.

(tele)consequences was a collaborative global drawing

performance that could be joined from any location in the world

by simply using a networked computer or smartphone and

Skype app. This telematic drawing performance for the Marks

Make Meaning exhibition involved a large wall mounted scroll

of paper, two metres wide by one and a half metres high, upon

which we projected the live incoming Skype video call of a realtime

drawing. The gallery guests, students and staff in Brighton

then drew on the paper screen, adding their marks and

contributions upon the projected drawing, using a range of

materials from pencils, charcoal and paints to collage, objects

and human figures. The camera in the exhibition sent a live

combined image of the drawing on the projected drawing back

to the remote participant via Skype. Each performance lasted up

to 20 minutes and was initiated by a unique theme or title. After

each collaborative drawing we rolled out a new paper screen

and invited another global partner for our next performance. A

video recording of the most recent performances was then

projected on the paper screen in the gallery between the

scheduled events.

University of

Brighton, Grand

Parade Gallery,

12th to 29th March 2018


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