Ellalute Shamana

Ellalute Shamwana Graduate Show featured in Design Week

Ellalute Shamwana BA Hons Graphic Design student’s design work was Featured in Design Week’s “favourite projects from graduate season so far”. “EJS” documents the detainment of her grandfather Edward Jack Shamwana, a prominent lawyer in Zambia, on 23rd October 1980, upon accusations of a coup plot to overthrow Kenneth Kaunda’s Government. During his incarceration, he recorded experiences in journals. The aim of the project was to tell this story using family artefacts, including her grandmother’s letters, grandfather’s words, newspaper clippings, and interviews of her father and uncle– to produce a narrative, from Edward’s arrest in 1980, to death row, and his eventual release in 1990.

See the EJS video here  and learn more about Ellalute’s graduate show work here


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