Cotton: Labour, Land and Body is an exhibition showing at the Crafts Council, London that explores through the use of textiles, films and works on paper how one of the world’s most ubiquitous material has shaped the relationship between Britain and South Asia.

The exhibition features work by artists Raisa Kabir, Brigid McLeer, Bharti Parmar and Reetu Sattar and captures the impact of cotton production on labour, land and the body. In the exhibition, visitors will be taken on an expedition across time, geographies, cultures and traditions, uncovering multi-generational connections between Britain and South Asia through the cotton industry in Lancashire.

The exhibition runs from 21st September to 4th March

On Friday 2nd December there is a symposium: Stories of Cotton where artists, designers and curators will explore the colonial trade in cotton

Tickets are £12 for students to attend in person or £10 to attend online

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