CONFERENCE: Comics and the Global South

Comics and the Global South, a two-day conference on the 6th-7th July is devoted to exploring the intersections of comics studies and decolonial theory at the University of Cambridge. With an emphasis on the comics form, its distribution, and its circulation, this conference is interested in probing the medium’s potentialities for producing decolonised knowledge and carrying out inter/trans-medial dialogues of South-South solidarity.

The conference attempts to question and challenge the idea that the advent of a cross-cultural comics scholarship requires Europeans to ‘cross borders’. Instead, we propose to reflect on how those ‘borders’ have already been crossed during a long colonial history. We suggest, further, that the international dimension of comics ought to be placed within a larger discussion ‘from the south’, that is, by taking into account the processes of hegemonic domination lived in postcolonial regions.

Please see the CRASSH website for the full programme and to register online. Student in-person registration (including refreshments) is £10.00 and online registration is £5.00. The conference will take place in the Donald McIntyre Building, University of Cambridge.

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