Celebrating Black History Month Recommended: Ashmina Ranjit

Alice Fox Deputy Head of School of Art nominates Ashmina Ranjit, performance artivist, Born Nepal 1966Ashminas website – http://ashminaranjit.com.np/performance/

Asmina Ranjit: Finding Flight, Freedom and Change Through Art  (2020) pub in Intersectional Feminism – Desi Stylehttps://feminisminindia.com/2020/06/25/ashmina-ranjit-flight-freedom-change-art/

Alice said “Ashmina is a courageous and provocative ‘artivist’, who expresses her distain for social injustice by making performances that continually questions and expose the brutality of the Nepali government policy and actions, concerned with the contravention of human rights with respect to disappearing people, womens rights and civil war in Nepal. I had the honour of creating two public performances with her in the streets of Kathmandu on my research trips to Nepal.”

  1. Paradox of Praxis 1 draft 2 (Pushing Together) (2016)
  2. Walking with Milk  (2017)


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