‘Just Some Guy Thinking About Art’ – Josef Cabey

BreathTAKING is an exhibition curated by Urbanflo founder and director Jenni Lewin-Turner with guest creatives including members of the Crossing Cultures group: Judith Ricketts and River Sweeney. Other creatives include Josef Cabey and AFLO. the Poet.

The exhibition is part of the Brighton Fringe edition of OXYGEN and offers a rare mainstream platform for local artists to present bold new multi-disciplinary interpretations, through illustration, digital art, spoken word and video, plus leading edge works using virtual reality, augmented reality and facial detection.

This OXYGEN series by Urbanflo opens up a powerful new lens to creatively explore the human condition and different narratives from the perspective of communities still impacted by the legacies of colonialism.

The exhibition is on from 16th June – 25th July

BreathTAKING – Phoenix Art Space

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