This month, and every month, we celebrate Black History and Black activism – see below for a series of online talks:

  • 11am Wednesday 6th October: Proud to be an Anti-Racist, Bill Acjarjee

Bill Acharjee will share examples of his lived experiences of racism within the UK and how he has navigated through them, as well as detailing strategies to support anti-racism work at the University of Brighton.

  • 11am Thursday 7th October: Proud to be Me!, Victoria Ugwoeme 

Victoria Ugwoeme is a social innovator who’s been carrying out positive social action within her local community and the wider society speaking up for the voiceless!

  • 11am Tuesday 12th October: Being Black within the Music Industry, Keith Harris OBE

Keith Harris will share stories of his trials and tribulations of working with Stevie Wonder and heading the UK Music Race Equality task force.

  • 11am Wednesday 13th October: BHM South Lead, Lou Taylor

BHM South’s Lou Taylor will talk through the history of the slave trade and key milestone events of Black activism throughout the years within the UK.

  • 1pm Thursday 14th October: What I hate BHM: Belonging from the Outside, Annie Richardson

Senior Lecturer Annie Richardson will share her thoughts on why BHM should not simply be celebrated for only one month each year, and the importance of facilitating difficult conversations around identity and belonging in East Sussex.

  • 1pm Tuesday 19th October: Black Women within Higher Education, Gwendoline Gordon

Join Gwen Gordon to hear stories of working within HE from a Black women’s perspective and discussing some of her anti-racist work within HE.

  • 11am Wednesday 20th October: Human Rights, Roger McKenzie

General Secretary for Liberation, one of the oldest human rights organisations that campaigns against neo-colonialism and imperialism.  Roger McKenzie will share his views and experiences of what it means to be anti-racist.

  • 11am Wednesday 27th October: Why S/HE Needs a FACE?, Nada Koreish, Sharon Lloyd, Ezinma Mbonu, Benita Odogwu- Atkinson, & Mylinh Nguyen

Join HE fashion academics and the creators of FACE to find out what they do and why it is important to support the anti-racist agenda within UK universities today.

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