BA Hons Illustration Alumni Monique Jackson’s COVID diary on Instagram featured on the BBC

Monique has documented her experience of a suspected “long-tail Covid” reaction to the Corona Virus in a visual diary posted on Instagram, which has been featured this week on the BBC News. Her images depict her on going symptoms and distress as a result of contracting a mild version of the virus early in the pandemic. This has not been verified in tests but others have reported similar reactions. Before this Monique was a very active person practising Thai boxing and jiu-jitsu and cycles 12 miles a day to and from her job in an art gallery in central London. Doctors do not know how to treat people with long tail Covid, and Monique is currently campaigning to raise awareness of this condition with the NHS.

  Monique-Jackson_hospital2 Monique-Jackson_toilet Monique-Jackson2  Monique-Jackson5


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