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Dr Aristea Fotopoulou

profile_photoI am a media theorist focusing on digital culture, emerging technologies and social change. I am Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications in the School of Media, University of Brighton, where I convene the MA Digital Media, Culture and Society.

My new book is entitled “Feminist activism and digital networks: between empowerment and vulnerability” (2017, Palgrave/MacMillan). I have written about information politics and big data, digital engagement, media literacy, digital networks and feminism, self-tracking and big data.

In June 2017, I was awarded the 2016/2017 Early Career Research & Enterprise Excellence Award for my research within 5 years of PhD graduation. I am the Chair of the Digital Culture and Communication Section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), for which I have also served as Vice Chair (2014-2016) and as Early-career scholar representative (YECREA) (2012-2014). I am co-organising the DCC ECREA conference Digital Culture Meets Data: Critical Perspectives (November 2017, University of Brighton).

My research about wearable sensors and the Quantified Self were published recently in the online platform Open Democracy and in Health Sociology Review. I have also co-edited a special issue in digital media praxis for Ada: Journal of Gender, Technology and New Media, (Issue 5, June 2014).

For more info about my Talks, see a selected list here. For Publications, see here.

Peter John Eyres

An expert in creative production, technology, sustainable development and creative communication, Peter has worked as a consultant to GE, Asda / WalMart, Kelloggs, the World Bank, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, GLOBE Legislators and the United Nations Environment Program.
His creative practice encompasses facilitation, creative direction, interactive media and engagement with public space. His work encourages participant audiences to engage critically with their relations to technology, humanity and nature.As a co-founder of Netfuse Telecom, an innovation-focussed telecoms company, he worked on using mobile technology to improve the 2014 Ebola Response and he is also working on software and infrastructure for improved humanitarian response.

Peter has recently completed an MSc in Innovation for Sustainable International development at the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex, and he sits on the Operations Board of cooperatively run data centre the Brighton Digital Exchange.

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