Unlikely Partners

Recently Professor Alison Bruce and Professor Andre Viljoen brought together University of Brighton researchers across the disciplines of Architecture, Design, Computing, Engineering and Mathematics for a range of exciting conversations to get to know each other better, see how they think about similar topics from their different perspectives, and think about if / how they may work together in the future.

Topics included:

Cultural heritages in times of digitisation and decolonisation. Dr Katy Beinart and Dr Karina Rodriguez Echavarria 

The Circular City and Rethinking Architecture and Engineering. Katrin Bohn , Duncan Baker Brown and Dr Yan Wang

Hyper-local Production and Advanced Engineering. James Tooze and Prof Marco Marengo

Interplays between experimental design and engineering. Dr Sarah Stevens and Dr Poorang Piroozfar 

Conversations about cybernetics. Dr Ben Sweeting and Prof Haris Mouratidis 

Machine learning and design. Dr Marcus Winter and Dr Derek Covill 

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