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The topic and content of sites you create should be in accordance with the university’s Social Media Policy and IT Regulations.


Form use and GDPR

Please also note, that if you choose to create and use forms to collect data on your blog, it is your responsibility to ensure that it complies with the GDPR regulations Data Protection legislation.  Among other things, this means that you need to consider data retention schedules, a privacy notice, which describes the nature of the data you are collecting, and your legal basis for collecting and processing this data, and how long you will keep it for. You can read more about GDPR Data Protection on the website or staffcentral.

Or our guidance on Forms, Surveys, Mailing lists, Events, Websites, Apps .pdf)

If you are in any doubt about compliance do not put your form live without consulting with our Data Protection Officer.

Academics: If you plan on using blogs as a part of a student assessment, please see our guidance page here: Assessment Guidance when utilising blogs

Please read the Edublogs User Guide for further instruction on how to use WordPress. It covers pretty much everything you’ll need to know to get started.