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First test circuit board on the 1610 mini CNC

    traces cutting quality speed  

Introducing the 1610 mini CNC project

Introducing the 1610 mini CNC project This project is about building a small, desktop CNC milling machine. We started out purchasing a very inexpensive kit for about ¬£120 from ebay¬†with the idea of then adding features and improving the reliability of the machine. In particular we set out to: improve the safety aspects of the…

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Guide to milling a mould tool on 1610 CNC using GRBL

How to make an open mould tool on the 1610 GRBL milling machine This guide takes you through the process of creating a simple open mould tool. The idea here is that you don’t actually have to design the tool. Instead, by cleverly positioning your part inside the stock material, you can machine it in…

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