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Guide to using SolidCAM to generate 2D toolpaths (pocket+profile) with CNC router

This first video shows the following steps: creating a basic part by importing a .dxf file and extruding it 18mm deep creating a co-ordinate system in Solidworks that can be used by SolidCAM defining the settings for the SolidCAM operations (co-ordinate system, part, stock) defining the pocket steps (and copying them with updated geometry selection)…

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Guide to using Cut2D to generate toolpath from .dxf file to cut with CNC router

This first video shows how we’ve used the Cut2D software to load a .dxf file and generate the g-code using the following steps: Job setup including the location of the origin and material size Importing the vector files from file (.dxf), then joining the open vectors and move/scale/rotate Setup the material and rapid gaps Toolpath…

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Guide to using SolidCAM to generate toolpaths for Imes-Icore M40 3-axis CNC router (in E28)

co-ordinate system setup operations post-processor syntax (replace vel for VEL)

Fab mods and fab modules github sites

It is worth noting the distinction between the older fab modules: and mods: The latter allows workflows to be developed and saved on the client, and has a number of algorithm updates.

CH340 driver for replica Arduino boards

I’ve had some problems with my PC and mac recognising replica Arduino boards in the past, but came across this instructable¬†, which gives a link to this page¬†or this page with the drivers for the CH340 (PC, mac and Linux) and there’s also this instructable, with an extra step if you’re running Yosemite OS on…

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Guide to milling a mould tool on 1610 CNC using GRBL

How to make an open mould tool on the 1610 GRBL milling machine This guide takes you through the process of creating a simple open mould tool. The idea here is that you don’t actually have to design the tool. Instead, by cleverly positioning your part inside the stock material, you can machine it in…

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