Top Tips page !

Here we want to bring together FAQ’s Top Tips for occupational therapists working in Diverse Settings.


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Top Tips from an occupational therapist at FarmAbility:

My ‘Top Tips’ for working in diverse settings are:

  • Have students! – They make sure you stay occupationally focused, give opportunities for networking with local services through long arm supervision, bring new ideas and keep you up to date on developments in the profession!
  • Stop! Think!  Is this OT? – Keep asking yourself this question: is the role you are doing making the best use of your skills as an OT?  If not, should you be doing something differently or letting  someone else do it?  How can your OT skills be used to the greatest benefit of the organisation/client group you are working for/with?
  • Explain what you are doing and why – Refer to the evidence, use and explain occupational theory, models and approaches and how they are relevant to the context you are in.
  • Stay proud and passionate about your profession – It’s not all toilet seats and making cups of tea! Engagement in meaningful occupation enhances people’s health and wellbeing!!  It works!!  So shout about it!  When they ‘get it’ everyone will join in, and hopefully people will start expecting more of Occupational Therapy as a profession as a consequence!