Resources for Schools

As part of this project we have compiled, in collaboration with Schools Prehistory & Archaeology (Kim Biddulph; a set of resources for Key Stage 2 Prehistory.

The resources include lesson plans, image banks, a timeline, fundamental fact sheets, and practical activities. The resources are divided into 6 sessions, with an overall outline. We have included both PDF (for easy printing) and Word/PPT (for re-formatting/editing) versions of each resource. All image sources are Wikipedia Commons and are acknowledged in the files.

We would very much welcome your feedback on the resources: potential improvements, how/if you’ve used them, and any other comments. Any comments should be sent to Dr Rob Hosfield (


Outline of learning resources:

Outline.pdf; Outline.doc


Session 1 resources (Introduction):

Session 1 Lesson Plan.pdf; Session 1 Lesson Plan.doc

1_1 Making modroc human fossils.pdf; 1_1 Making mod roc human fossils.doc

1_2 Image Bank fossil hominins.pdf; 1_2 Image Bank fossil hominins.ppt (Updated on 21/10/17)

1_3 Human evolution timeline graphic.pdf; 1_3 Human evolution timeline graphic.doc

1_3b Human evolution timeline table.pdf; 1_3b Human evolution timeline table.doc

1_4 Fundamental factsheet hominin species.pdf; 1_4 Fundamental factsheet hominin species.doc

1_5 Process of Discovery cards.pdf; 1_5 Process of Discovery cards.doc

1_6 Dating fossils.pdf; 1_6 Dating fossils.ppt (Updated on 21/10/17)


Session 2 resources (What makes us human?):

Session 2 Lesson Plan.pdf; Session 2 Lesson Plan.doc

2_1 Image Bank fossilised footprints.pdf; 2_1 Image Bank fossilised footprints.ppt (Updated on 21/10/17)

2_2 Making and recording footprints.pdf2_2 Making and recording footprints.doc


Session 3 resources (Making tools and fire):

Session 3 Lesson Plan.pdfSession 3 Lesson Plan.doc

3_1 Magnesium fire experiment.pdf3_1 Magnesium fire experiment.doc

3_2 Fundamental factsheet hominin behaviours 1.pdf3_2 Fundamental factsheet hominin behaviours 1.doc

3_3 Image Bank making stone tools.pdf; 3_3 Image Bank making stone tools.ppt (Updated on 21/10/17)

3_4 Potato knapping.pdf3_4 Potato knapping.doc


Session 4 resources (Hunting and gathering):

Session 4 Lesson Plan.pdfSession 4 Lesson Plan.doc

4_1 Fundamental factsheet Ice Age plants & animals.pdf4_1 Fundamental factsheet Ice Age plants & animals.doc

4_2 Fundamental factsheet hominin behaviours 2.pdf4_2 Fundamental factsheet hominin behaviours 2.doc

4_3 Ice Age or not.pdf; 4_3 Ice Age or not.ppt (Updated on 21/10/17)

4_4 Fundamental factsheet Boxgrove.pdf; 4_4 Fundamental factsheet Boxgrove.ppt (Updated on 21/10/17)

4_5 Making cordage.pdf4_5 Making cordage.doc

4_6 Making a spear-thrower.pdf4_6 Making a spear-thrower.doc

4_7 Sun and snowflake.pdf4_7 Sun and snowflake.doc


Session 5 resources (Art and language):

Session 5 Lesson Plan.pdfSession 5 Lesson Plan.doc

5_1 Making a cave.pdf5_1 Making a cave.doc

5_2 Image bank Ice Age art.pdf; 5_2 Image bank Ice Age art.ppt (Updated on 21/10/17)

5_3 Fundamental factsheet hominin behaviours 3.pdf5_3 Fundamental factsheet hominin behaviours 3.doc

5_4 Making pigment.pdf5_4 Making pigment.doc

5_5 Making portable art.pdf5_5 Making portable art.doc


Session 6 resources (Tableaux):

Session 6 Lesson Plan.pdfSession 6 Lesson Plan.doc

6_1 Image Bank fossil hominin reconstructions.pdf; 6_1 Image Bank fossil hominin reconstructions.ppt (Updated on 21/10/17)

6_2 Making a reconstruction head.pdf6_2 Making a reconstruction head.doc


A Day in the Ice Age Video Clips

Short video clips featuring fire-making, processing animal skins, and stone tool making (and their possible uses), and short sound-bites with our demonstrators and visitors from the “A Day in the Ice Age” event, held at, and in collaboration with, Reading Museum, on Wednesday 12th July 2017.