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Zahin, third year Architectural Technology BSc(Hons) student tells us what she thinks of her course.

Architectural Technology is an amazing course 

You get to explore both what an architect learns and what a civil engineer or construction manager has to know about in the construction field. You are taught about both the creative process of a structure and the facts, principles behind the constructions of those structures and buildings; starting from the make-up process of the most iconic buildings in the world to common dwellings we see everywhere. 

Some of the features in the Architectural Technology degree that get taught here are not easily found in other universities. For example, the extensive teaching of the BIM design software. 

Group work is fun and developing important skills 

Every year we have at least one module that requires you to do a group project. This is very useful because you get put into a group with people of the same environment but with different degrees (eg Architectural Technology, Project Management, Civil Engineering). This develops one of the most important skills for the future: teamwork, as you will all be working on the same project together. 

The university community is here for me

With an in-depth curriculum and important skills to acquire it isn’t always easy to sail across the whole degree smoothly. However, all the staff members are very passionate and generous individuals, who in moments of need are always there to help you find a solution. Additionally, the university has very good facilities to support its students, from an easily accessible online library to consult whenever you need some academical facts for your report, to a remarkable wellbeing team that supports students during times they may be struggling. 

I have grown as a person

Studying here has developed me as a person and refined much of my personality through the independence and social/academical knowledge I gained. Many of the dreams I had when I was younger now seem very achievable to me. Being Italian and moving to England a few years back made me feel a little out of place but the different friends and members of staff I met during my study, helped me realise how being different and hardworking can be a pivotal point on the road to success. 


Laura Ruby • August 11, 2021

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