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Riverine based Student Projects – Knepp Castle

On November the 5th this year, instead of preparing for bonfire celebrations three Civil Engineering students undertook their first visit to the Knepp Castle Estate, where their final year dissertation projects are going to be based.

The three students all enjoy the practicalities of hydraulics and how Civil Engineers work with the natural environment (it is not all concreate, bridges and roads!).  Two of the students will be researching and testing elements of Natural Flood Management, where nature is giving a helping hand to help control high river flow conditions as an alternative to concrete structures.

Sam is investigating how the river restoration scheme, undertaken on the Estate as part of the rewilding project, has influenced peak flow levels.  For this he started out by taking drone images (with permission) to understand where work had been undertaken on the river.

Jacques will be installing new wood debris dams within the estate to see not only their effect during high flow, but also to see what impact they have on low flow conditions.

Sajid has decided to undertake the design of a natural rain water filled pond.  This pond will act as a wildlife haven for many different animals from insects, to birds and even deer!  No pressure here, but it will form a feature which will be visible from the Knepp house and construction will start next year

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All of the projects are in conjunction with the Knepp Estate and Sussex Wildlife Trust.


Suzanne Armsden • November 19, 2018

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