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University of Brighton contribute to House of Lords report on ‘Building for change’

University of Brighton’s give response to The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee inquiry into Off-site Manufacture for Construction
The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee launched an inquiry into Off-site Manufacture for Construction on 29 March 2018 ( and written evidences were invited to be submitted to the Committee.
“The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee report ‘Off-site manufacture for construction: Building for change’ states that the construction sector as it currently operates cannot meet the UK’s need for housing and may struggle to meet the need for infrastructure. Given that the UK already lags behind other countries in construction productivity, and is facing a labour shortage, the Government and the construction sector must urgently find solutions.”

Nominated by the head of school, Dr Kirsty Smallbone, and supported by the colleagues within the School of Environment and Technology, Dr Poorang Piroozfar led the team and prepared University of Brighton’s written evidence to the enquiry which was received by the Committee on 26 April. It was selected to be published on 9 May among 82 written evidences submitted by the industry, academia and individuals of which 4 were submitted by UK universities (University of Brighton, Cambridge, Loughborough and UWE).
On 5 July, Lord Patel KT invited us along other participants to the launch of The Science and Technology Committee’s report on Off-site Manufacture for Construction to be held on 19 July 2018 at The Institution of Civil Engineers.
Dr Piroozfar represented University of Brighton in the launch event where feedback, questions and discussions on the embargoed report published by the Committee were invited from the audience and discussed with the Committee.
The UK Government is now expected to provide a formal response to the report highlighting how it aims to address the points, needs and concerns raised and actions required.
The Lord Mair, Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Cambridge and the President of the Institution of Civil Engineers addressing the audience at the launch event.
The audience and representatives from the industry experts, academics, professionals and policy makers invited to the launch event by The Lord Patel, the Chair of the Committee

Poorang Piroozfar • July 23, 2018

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