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Designing for Performance – IES Free CPD Seminar

Designing and managing buildings for more efficient performance is a concept that is continuously being reviewed and improved globally. In light of this, designers and stakeholders are keen on the evolution and inclusion of the virtual world in construction processes. This CPD seminar held at the University of Brighton was delivered by Dr Naghman Khan (Business Development Manager for IES).

The session provided a detailed overview of the performance gap, the UK Government’s BIM strategy and the intelligent use of data throughout a buildings lifecycle to enable performance driven design. Real life case study examples were demonstrated to enhance the understanding of the audience.

The event was facilitated by University of Brighton’s Dr Poorang Piroozfar (Principal Lecturer & Subject Lead for the Built Environment), Yahya Ibraheem (PhD candidate) and Smita Ravishankar (Final year Architectural Technology student).



Emmanuel Aboagye-Nimo • November 2, 2017

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