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img_0467The EWB Challenge provided a great opportunity to experience group work, but with a competitive edge to encourage more innovative, extravagant yet one-dimensional work. Using the resources of all disciplines and experiences there was no idea that couldn’t be achieved and was a perfect chance to unleash all creativity.

Preparation for the work and finals required multiple meetings amongst our group and our assigned tutor. The guidance of our tutor enabled the best of ourselves, our knowledge and our understanding to be extracted and channelled to a development and outcome.

The final itself was a great experience for professional pitching, enlightening to new ideas and concepts to be rivalled with. Having to work effectively with other team members to present our idea and answer the questions to our weakest areas came with many challenges. The challenges it brought across were easily managed and resolved with the great coverage of our disciplinary areas and knowledge.

Overall the opportunity was a great chance to create something with few restrictions and show the best of our abilities through pitching, developments and a final product. The skills obtained through this module and challenge have greatly helped with many tasks and work I have come across to present.

Nicky Searle • October 11, 2016

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