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Top awards for University of Brighton researcher

Arman Hashemi[1]

Research into how natural lighting can cut the need for electric lighting by 60 per cent has won a University of Brighton researcher a top award.

Traditional windows produce uneven distribution of daylight in rooms but the innovative daylighting system developed by Dr Arman Hashemi has brought significant improvements.

The research earned Dr Hashemi, Senior Lecturer in the university’s College of Life, Health and Physical Sciences, a Premier Award in the Chartered Institute of Building’s (CIOB) International Innovation & Research awards.

His paper reported on a research programme investigating retrofitted solutions to uneven distribution of daylight in office buildings. Judges said: “The paper provides a significant contribution to current knowledge relating to retrofitted solutions for daylight distribution in office buildings.”

Dr Hashemi, also received the Highly Commended award in Innovation Achiever’s category for his patent-pending product which can reduce heat-losses through windows by an average of 63 per cent. Judges said: “The Advanced Thermal Shutter System is an elegant piece of engineering … the judging panel was impressed by Dr Hashemi’s individual achievement in developing this innovation.”

Dr Hashemi, previously a Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Cambridge, has worked on a range of award-winning architectural projects and have led or contributed to several research projects on sustainable housing, building performance evaluation, offsite construction and product design and development.

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Laura Ruby • March 10, 2016

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