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My experience of studying civil engineering at Brighton

CivEngstudent_Amer Essa

Amer Essa,  Civil Engineering MEng

I was originally studying for a BSc in Civil Engineering at London Southbank University and transferred to Brighton. I’m from Brighton, I know people at the university who recommended it, and it seemed like the right setting for me (and it was less of a commute!). I gained good grades at the end of my first year and was able to transfer to Brighton. I began on the BEng and then had the right grades to move to the MEng

Because of the career paths it creates I’d recommend the civil engineering course to anyone who has a broad interest in buildings, especially if you like watching programmes like Grand Designs. The course covers so many things from learning all the details about making concrete to sustainable construction.

I really do love it. I always tell people about the vital role that civil engineers play in our lives, which is one of the reasons I love the subject so much. I always planned to build my own house in the future but didn’t know which pathways I could take to be able to do that. That’s still the plan and I will do it one day with all the knowledge that I have gained here and in my future career.

One of my strengths is team working and I really enjoy it. It’s good to develop these skills and work like this as it is a skill we’ll need when we are in the workplace. We work on some projects in groups and it’s always interesting to see how people work together in a group. You might know people socially but it’s interesting to see how people work in a group situation.

Laura Ruby • May 23, 2015

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