Season’s greetings

University of Brighton Design Archives, Sirpa Kutilainen

Just before we all break off for the holidays, I wanted to share with you some joyous Design Archives’ news! There has been a bit of theme forming with my ‘poster posts’ of late, but after a long wait the large format Melinex has arrived and we have – with much cheering – ceremoniously hung the first poster in the new large format cabinet! ‘The Happy Man of Finland’ has had the privilege of being the first one in and this occasion just could not go by without notice! I am sure you would all agree to him looking very comfortable in his new surroundings, incidentally advertising the 3rd Poster Biennale in Lahti in 1979 with his grin. And so my poster theme forms a full circle…

As this will be my last post this year the entire team here at the Design Archives want to wish you all a nice relaxing time over the holidays and a very happy New Year indeed!

Design Council archive, University of Brighton Design Archives, Sirpa Kutilainen
Left: Design Centre poster, 1960. Design Council Collection (GB-1837-DES-DCA-10-1-93). Right: Design Centre poster. Design Council Collection (GB-1837-DES-DCA-10-1-196).


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