Objects for loan, University of Brighton Design Archives, Sirpa Kutilainen
Objects from the Design Archives going on loan

A few months ago, The Design Archives were contacted by the Southbank Centre in London to act as ‘object curators’ for a section in the 60th anniversary exhibition of the Festival of Britain, called Museum of 1951. It is being designed by Hemingway Design and the narrative is written by the Archives’ visiting fellow Dr Harriet Atkinson.

There are two books, four photographs and two booklets that we are lending for the exhibition. These are going to be couriered to London next week and can be enjoyed at the exhibition from the 21st of April onwards.

The objects needed to be ‘secured’ for transportation purposes and while the photographs and booklets can quite happily travel in Melanex sleeves, the two books needed a little bit of extra attention. So today I have made two 4-flap enclosures from conservation quality card (300gsm) for transportation of the books to be exhibited.

Enclosure, conservation, University of Brighton Design Archives
4-flap enclosure for the ‘Council of Industrial Design – Design Folio: Public Lettering’ book

An exit form the Archives’ team revised at the end of last year can now also be put to use! This is documentation is filled for all materials leaving the Archive on which the destination, condition and reason for exit of objects is documented before they leave. These are signed on departure and on arrival at their destination and ensure we are at all times aware of where items are and when they are due to return.

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