Bug traps

Bug trap, University of Brighton Design Archives, Sirpa Kutilainen

Today I have placed four bug traps within the Archives to see if anything will get caught. They are composed of cardboard with a sticky surface on the inside and a small pill supplied with them is placed inside to attract any bugs towards it. These traps have been purchased from a specialised conservation suppliers.

The placement of the traps was difficult to determine, as the Archives not only function as an archive but also as an office and research space. They needed to be placed somewhere where they do not get in the way of the everyday use of the space, but somewhere where there is a good chance something could get caught. Good places for these traps are dark corners where things do not get moved around too much. I thought about placing some traps along the rolling shelves where the collections are held, but will come back to this depending on how succesfull this first installment turns out to be.

The traps have been dated and will now be monitored. I am sincerely curious to see what happens, and to then try to identify the crawlies should we catch any.

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