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Abigail Whitman, second year Computer Science BSc(Hons) talks about her course and preparing for her career.

When I first came to Brighton I fell in love with the city and I knew I could see myself happy here. It’s a beautiful calming city within countryside, perfect for someone who needs a city life with the sea and wildlife near them. An easy place to feel comfortable in and at home. The people in Brighton are very liberal and normally friendly allowing you to feel yourself very quickly and never feel judged.

I did a lot of research into the different courses at many universities and found that the Brighton one was what I needed, I felt like the content would push my knowledge without throwing me into the deep-end. All the lecturers I spoke to were so friendly and committed to the course therefore giving me the confidence that I needed to embark on my new adventure having not studied much computing in the past.

My course is diverse in which you explore lots of aspects of Computer Science giving you the opportunity to see the true scope of the degree and where you can take it, I already have a bigger understanding of how versatile the course is. The university also gives you the chance to change course a little and focus more on one aspect after the first year, such as switching to Computer Science with Cyber Security. Providing you with the flexibility to make decisions when you are comfortable and have more understanding.

My favourite module was Introduction to Web Development. I found it really fun to be using my creative side and actually watching my progress by seeing the change in my website. It was also a module that was enjoyable to work in conjunction with friends, sharing ideas and seeing their work just boosted your interest in the project.

Brighton is great at giving you so many skills to use that any job is a possibility for you and that nothing can hold you back. My course has been very helpful in that there was a module in first year called Working in the Computing Industry which went over skills, the law surrounding computing, ethics in particular with autonomous vehicles. For my group project in year 1 I had to be part of a team that developed a website in which we then had to present our journey to our tutor. This boosted my public speaking skills, as I was speaking mostly off script. During this I had to work in a team of 4, so having to organise and work in conjunction with the others was something I hadn’t done much before and so having done this means I will be more confident in the future when working with teams.

I have applied to multiple placement opportunities, these roles therefore vary. There are lots of software/web developer roles, some of which I have applied to and a great thing about Brighton is that there are a variety of placements that are exclusive to Brighton students. I am excited to test out the knowledge I have learnt in university to real life jobs. It will also be helpful in hoping finding an area I would like to work in, in the future. Having that real work experience with you when applying for graduate jobs is so valuable as it makes you stand out from the rest and makes you more employable.

The placements team has also been invaluable, checking your CV, offering one-on-one appointments, workshops as well as sending out emails about new opportunities. They have been amazing at supporting me through my journey and answering questions no matter how mundane they may be.

I believe the university is amazing at pushing you to achieve your best and really support you along that journey. Being at university has helped me decide what I want for my future and has shown me that I can achieved great things if I put my mind to it. I am extremely excited for the future.

I will be sad to finish my degree and leave the university but I’m sure I will look back with the fondest of memories and take away some major life skills.

Laura Ruby • February 18, 2021

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