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Final year student Daniella tells us about her final year project for Kia Motors and loving life at Brighton

We spoke to final year Business Information Systems student, Daniella Moore, who reflected on her time at Brighton as she prepared for her final year show.

What made you choose Brighton and this course?

My sister was studying at Brighton at the time and I always came down to visit her. I loved the town and the location of the University; thus choosing Brighton. I never knew what I wanted to do when I was older, but when I randomly chose to study ICT and Business at A-Level, I knew they were the areas that I wanted to have a career in. The course offered great modules that I thought would be useful for any job, as IT Business Systems play a major role in any organisation.

How did you feel when you were first accepted to Brighton, and how has the reality compared to what you imagined?

I was extremely happy and still am. I think Brighton is a great university and I would recommend to any potential students who are looking to study here.

What were the highlights of your course?

Definitely my placement year at Kia Motors (UK). I learnt so much within this year that allowed me to apply my skills and knowledge to my final year individual project. I think without my placement year I would have struggled.

Would you recommend your course? What in particular would you recommend?

Yes. I would recommend completing a industrial placement year and how some of the modules are fun such as Digital Marketing and Deriving Business Value from Information and Communications Technology.

What has coming to Brighton done for you, both as a student and as a person?

It has helped me to become dedicated and committed to do work. The placement year helps hugely for the final year, as the work load is heavy, but you have already experienced early mornings and late nights. Presentations and discussions have helped with public speaking, and the reports have helped with professionalism and presentation.

Tell us about your experience of teaching and support staff.

I have never had a bad experience with any staff member, as everyone is really helpful. You are able to email your tutors whenever you wish, where a reply is received within a day, or even an hour. I have been able to go through draft versions of my assignments where useful feedback is given, which has helped me to achieve a high grade.

Can you tell us a bit about your final year project

MyDealer is a contact service web-app that was designed for Kia Motors (UK). It is a fully-responsive and GDPR compliant prototype that is used to retrieve employee contact information, dealership contact information (including location), profile information of the user, and allows for change requests to be submitted. For example, a user can log into MyDealer and find the location and directions to Kia Head Office, or they can search for an employee where they can utilise a Click-to-Call function.

What skills have you learnt through this process/ experience?

I have learnt how to manage my time and prioritise important business requirements. Also, how to apply project management tools and how each method contributes to the success of the project. I have built a high-quality relationship with the clients and performed a controlled Usability test.

Did you do a placement year, if so where did you do your placement and can you tell us a bit about your role?

I worked as a Business Analyst at Kia Motors in the Data Strategy team. I helped manage over five projects, including a complete system changeover to Siebel, managing a new owners platform app (MyKia), and a new Showroom Management System for dealers (MySales).

What aspects did you find the most interesting and the most challenging?

The workload was heavy which involved 12 hour days, particularly the system changeover project, however it was very interesting and I was given a lot of responsibility. I learnt so much about the Korean culture and certain ways they work and interact with people. Kia is a fantastic company to work for who value their employees. Just some of the incentives I was offered was, free lunch (3 courses), a brand new company car, pension, Christmas bonus, birthday money, free charity skydive, free Christmas and Summer party, reasonable pay for an internship, and many more.

How did you put what you learned in lectures into practice during your placement?

Listening carefully in meetings whilst writing notes was important which lectures helped with. Presentations were important, as my job role involved many meetings with different clients so public speaking played a major role.

What are the main things you will take from the experience?

How to interact with different clients and build relationships with each other. I met many people from different countries, such as Holland, Germany, Korea, and Ireland.

How do you plan to use your experience and course in the future?

Project Management is a potential career path for me, where both my course and placement experience have taught me how to plan, manage a team, speak confidently in front of crowds, and manage time and resources.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of applying for this course / this university?

If you do the work, and keep on top of your assignments, you will love every aspect of university. The modules are worthwhile where advice and support is provided by everyone.



Stephanie Thomson • May 23, 2019

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