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February Codefest event

We had a great turnout at this month’s Codefest which took place on Friday, with students from a range of computing and engineering subject areas taking part.

Students were set tasks, either ten challenges for “advanced” or five challenges for “beginners”, that had to completed within two hours. They had to reverse engineer the question based on test cases for each challenge –  focused on logic, maths and programming skills, to provide the solutions.

Working in teams of three or four, the six teams worked together really well and most teams finished almost all of the challenges, which is quite an achievement! Each team quickly realised that they need to play to each others’ strengths in order to solve the challenges. One team in particular used a rotation system of leaders, so that one student would lead when the challenge was focused on maths problems for example, whereas another would lead the software engineering challenges.

As well as developing their maths, programming, problem-solving and team-working skills, everyone had a lot of fun. And there were three lucky winners of the latest Raspberry Pi model (funded by CSIUS – Centre for Secure Intelligent and Usable systems)!

Codefest is a monthly event and is open to all University of Brighton students interested in practicing their coding and computing skills.

Laura Ruby • February 25, 2019

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