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Zahra Rahman at the computing degree show

iEscape for safe travelling

Zahra Rahman, Digital Media BSc(Hons), tells us about her travel safety app project.

“My final year project is based on the evaluation and re-design of a mobile app called FCO Alerts that was available via Google Play. The app allows the traveller/consumer to select countries they would like to receive safety updates for.

As an example, if the traveller selected to receive updates for India and there was a protest or a terrorist attack, they will be notified via the App. It is instant and live information and the notification leads the consumer to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website for further detailed information.

I had assumed this app was endorsed by the FCO, as it provided safety alerts from their website. I wanted to redesign the app as I felt it was lacking in feature and design so I interviewed the FCO. I found that it was not endorsed by the FCO and in fact was a prototype made on a ‘hack day’ organised by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  It excited me to think that I will designing an app which is not on the market, and in fact the prototype is no longer available either, making my app even more valuable!

Based on various usability methods I produced my prototype of a travel safety app and named it iEscape.

One of the highlights of studying at Brighton was meeting other like-minded students. My course was very flexible – I found coding very challenging but enjoyed design, film making and editing, as well as usability testing.  I loved my usability lecturer she was so amazing and helpful!

I would like to use what I learnt on my course to become a usability consultant.”

Laura Ruby • June 14, 2018

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