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Katherine Haycock, Business Information Systems

Final year project put into practice

A successful placement year led to the inspiration for a final year project and job on graduation, for final year Business Information Systems BA(Hons) student Kathryn Haycock. We caught up with Kathryn at the Computing Degree Show and found out more about her placement, her final year project and life as a University of Brighton student. 

Kathryn did her placement year at Textron Specialized Vehicles, a division of global brand Textron, in her home town of Ipswich. 

“I started as an IT Analyst working in business intelligence. While I didn’t know much about business intelligence at first, it turned out to be me. I like talking to people, finding out what they want and looking at what can be done. 

My placement was based in Ipswich but I also had the opportunity to travel to offices in the States. Working in a smaller part of the business meant I got involved of lots of different projects, the business was going through some changes while I was there so I was also able to take on more responsibilities. 

I used a lot of project management skills which we are taught at university, and I developed my database skills while I was there. My final year project is a market share analysis system that I have done for Textron. I have created a number of dashboards to track market share of items sold by the company compared to industry.

The company have supported me this year with things like loaning me some equipment and helping me with testing. Before I finished on placement I was offered me a job when I graduate so I will be going back to work there when I finish at Brighton and get to see my final year project working in practice as they replace an older system with this automated one over the summer.

I have really enjoyed my course and my time at Brighton, especially my placement. When I came back for my final year I felt on top of my work and how to manage my time thanks to the skills I developed on placement. 

Stephanie Thomson • June 6, 2018

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