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Searching for UFOs


Software Engineering BSc(Hons) final year student, Dominik Boller, has developed camera software to automatically record unusual sightings in the sky.

Dominik’s ‘UFO Detector’ analyses the sky for anomalies and uses computer vision algorithms to record videos.

In his interview on BBC Sussex radio, Dominik talks to Neil Pringle about his project.

Dominik said: “Through history there have been numerous reports of people seeing unidentifiable objects in the sky. However, there is little good video evidence of those kinds of sightings. Many videos today show a scene that is too unclear to make any reliable conclusions or they show something that is obviously a fabricated hoax. My aim was to create a software that continuously analyses the sky for anomalies and automatically records anything out of the ordinary.

“The software connects to a camera and uses various computer vision algorithms to record videos of unknown objects and present them to the user. Through this it can capture meteoroids, aerial phenomenon and unknown objects in the skies.

“The focus of my final year project was to enhance the detection algorithm of the program by improving the computer vision aspects of it and by adding new features to filter out specific objects such as airplanes.”

Laura Ruby • May 23, 2017

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