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MSc student ‘Data Security and Brexit’ winner

Congratulations to MSc student Anna Hristova who was a winner in the BCS Women Lovelace Colloquium 2017 with a paper submitted as part of her Data Management module.  Anna’s module leader, Dr Sanaz Fallahkhair, encouraged her to enter and this year’s competition saw the highest number of entrants to date (116).  Anna will be going to Aberystwyth University when they host the prize winner’s event in April.  Read her abstract ‘Data Security and Brexit’ here. 

The escalating and immediate need of database security improvement on enterprise level due to the increasing number of cyber-attacks has raised concern around the intelligence community. Researchers, practitioners and some government officials have been trying to improve the common methods of protection against cyber-crime every day in the past few years, however not much discussion and changes have happened on regulation levels in terms of government and national policies. Furthermore, as major political changes have been witnessed in the past year in the face of Brexit, a further disagreement and uncertainty has been casted upon improving the security of cyber-space. This paper will elaborate on the cruciality of database security development and how it has emerged and improved during the years. The most common methods will be critically evaluated and discussed. Some new developments will be thoroughly examined in order to emphasise on their potentials and threats. Furthermore, these methods will be stress-tested under the conditions of current political changes – Brexit; how data protection regulations are going to function if a hard Brexit is witnessed; how will major conglomerates have to change their functions within their corporation in order to suit the new ‘way of order’.

Rebecca Tonge • March 23, 2017

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