Communicating Research

Communications practices for university-led research

Young people involved in a co-production community media project

Participatory media production as a tool for research

The collaborative process of making media has a number of useful outcomes in the field of research. Taking the media production process away from the external professional maker, sidestepping the established media conventions, and utilising the digital and networked society allows the research community to explore issues, exchange and investigate ideas, form societies and networks…

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Twitter icon flying across an altimetric report screen

Altmetric top 100s: social media for research communication

Any set of putative league tables seem out of kilter with true academia and its best traditions. They do however appear in increasingly wondrous ways and with increasingly familiar responses. While institutional use is made of whatever statistic seems to validate micro-supremacy (even to the point of action by advertising standards), for those unhappy with…

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Image of Sir Isaac Newton with backdrop of working posts

Advice on Academic Profiles

Surprisingly, given the common sense of most business practice, universities are often less than excellent in communicating their greatest asset. What most people want from university is to engage with staff, staff who will help make an experience for us, who will transfer to us their interests, wisdom, contacts, scope, skills, enthusiasm and brilliance. We…

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