Day Two – 7 July 2021

Day 2 - 07/07/2021

Day 2 of the Symposium is dedicated to exploring funding opportunities for interdisciplinary projects, developing collaborative approaches to research, and networking. Participants will have a chance to hear from an experienced bioartist, attend hands-on workshops, to pitch an idea or explore hypothetical scenarios.

This day is for staff only and prior booking is required.


10.00 -10.45 PRACTICAL SESSION 1

Working across the arts, science and technology: Myths, challenges and practicalities

Facilitators: Andrew Church & David Nash

This session examines assumptions about the sciences and the arts, and about working in labs/art studios, which may hold us back from collaborating across schools and disciplines. In this myth-busting interactive session we will also examine some practical issues with setting up collaborative projects, such cross-school working, access to labs, materials and licences. We will explore potential difficulties to overcome when thinking about funding your project.


Methods for collaborating with scientists and finding funding for your art/science project: An interactive session for artists/creative practitioners

In this session, Anna Dumitriu will reflect on her extensive experience of successful funding for arts/science/technology projects, from a range of funding schemes and sources. She will discuss how her journey through art residencies, teaching, and visiting research positions has helped her to build a network of collaborators and productive relationships with scientists, technologists and other creative practitioners, which have been instrumental for realising her projects and pursuing her artistic vision. Anna will also touch upon receiving feedback, training, mentoring and importantly, the experience of rejected bids, in order to help staff to think about how to develop a bidding strategy. The session is designed predominately for artists and creative practitioners in mind, but engineers and other scientists are also very welcome.

Please send your questions for Anna in advance of the session by email to

12.15 – 13.15 PARALLEL SESSIONS (please pre-book one)

Practical Session 2 Pitch your idea

Facilitator: Karen Cham

Bring your idea for a potential collaborative project in the arts/science/technology fields and be ready to pitch it to others in the group. This interactive session is suitable for those who would like to test, receive peer feedback, and network for an early idea in development.

Practical Session 3 Trouble-shooting hypothetical scenarios.

Facilitator: Aristea Fotopoulou

In this interactive session, participants will work with three hypothetical scenarios and try to find solutions to problems around funding and management: 1) The art residency challenge; 2) The Genome editing project; 3) The environmental science artlab project. This session is more suitable for those who don’t have an idea to pitch yet but would be interested to see how things could work out.

15 Minute Break


How do I attract funding for my Interdisciplinary project?

Facilitators: Laura Shockley & Stuart Hedley
Research Enterprise and Social Partnerships (RESP)

Industry, charities, and research councils all have defined remits and strategies in place to achieve these objectives; in this session we will discuss and share good practice in bid development, signpost support available to help you best identify interdisciplinary opportunities and position your idea/expertise toward the right funders; be they industry, research bodies and/or charities.

In this session we will discuss what funders are looking for, consider the transactional relationship of funding and how you can be proactive in preparing your application. We will outline the support and guidance RESP can offer at each stage of your application including identifying the right funder and engaging partners.

14.30 – 15.00 Closing Session/Reflections