A two-day Symposium that connects creative practitioners, scientists and researchers working across the arts, science, society and technology.

The Creative Futures and Radical Futures Symposium is dedicated in exploring existing and potential connections between researchers and practitioners of the University, in order to establish a dynamic cluster of networks.
·      What is the role of the arts and technology in times of complex social  problems?
·      What does art have to offer to science?
·      How can collaborations between very different disciplines work?
·      Where do I start if I wish to work collaboratively?
Participants will have an opportunity to attend hands-on workshops, show-and-tell and paper presentations, and keynotes, on the 5th and 7th of July 2021.


Anna Dumitriu-bioartist

In 2021 the focus of Creative Futures is to enhance collaborative research in arts and science, by developing initial hubs of activity in various research areas, such as engineering, medicine, biology, maths, computing, chemistry, and environmental sciences. Aiming to nurture applied collaborations and new fields of practice and theory within the University of Brighton, Creative Futures encourages new interdisciplinary research that uses an arts/science interface. Working with the University’s principles for practical wisdom, Creative Futures focuses on collaborative projects that tackle social and environmental issues.