Are the Argos Catalogues No Longer?

Their Story

Argos, who currently serve 123 million customers a year, have recently taken the plunge to open 53 new digital stores in the UK. With over 20 million people now owning a tablet, the opening of the stores is believed to mirror the experience of online shopping. People will now have an easier method of shopping- rather than flicking through hundreds of pages of a catalogue. But, with everyone being used to the traditional ‘glossy’ catalogues, Argos needed to discover customers opinions, which was essential to understand how people felt.

Brandwatch Analytics

Argos used specific features of Brandwatch Analytics, which were Demographics, Categories and Rules.


  • This allowed them to understand more about the customers providing the feedback
  • Information such as the gender, their origin city and where they shopped was shown


  • Categories were created for each store, in order to show the names of streets


  • This meant that every time a specific store was mentioned, it was filtered into the relevant category

Are customers happy with the removal of catalogues?

By using the Brandwatch Analytics, Argos have been able to discover that some of their customers do miss the original layout and style of the stores. But, through this, it has meant that their new digital stores can now provide the most valuable customer experience as possible. Unfortunately for kids though, the fun of circling half of the toys in the catalogue in the hope ‘Father Christmas’ will deliver them under your tree may be no longer.

If you want more information about Argos’ new digital stores, follow the links below:


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  1. How does using the Demographics, Categories and Rules features in Brandwatch Analytics help Argos understand more about their customers?

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