CMNH and TECHNE Symposium: Multimodal Approaches to Life Writing and Life stories

Monday 22 May, 10am 4pm

University of Brighton, Room 318b, Grand Parade, City Campus


Join us for a day of workshops to explore critical, historical and creative approaches to life writing and life stories. Fournier (2022, pp.2-3) argues that “autotheory reveals the tenuousness of maintaining illusory separations between art and life, theory and practice, work and the self, research and motivation”.

With guest speakers Dr Michaela Frueh and Dr Maggie O’Neill from the University of Galway, we will explore life writing in the broadest possible sense (e.g. using creative writing, poetry, auto/biography, oral testimony, photographs, social media and music as data) and consider how our researcher identities and doctoral projects might intersect with life writing methodologies. Envisaging the day as a communal project and a means of creating community, we hope to produce a zine to capture the contributions of those who would like to participate.

Lunch and refereshments provided.


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