CMNH is delighted to welcome as one of its VRFs this semester, Professor Darko R. Suvin, scholar, critic and poet. Born in 1930 in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, Suvin is Professor Emeritus of McGill University and Fellow of The Royal Society of Canada. He was co-editor of Science-Fiction Studies, editor of Literary Research/Recherche littéraire and visiting professor at 10 universities. Suvin has won many awards for scholarship and prizes for poetry and has published 35 book titles, edited 14 volumes and written hundreds of articles on literature and dramaturgy, culture, utopian and science fiction, political epistemology and communism, as well as three volumes of poetry. Vita and essays can be accessed at; papers to read and download at
   The horizon for discussion is here one of indignation and hope for today, drawn with help of Brecht and Aeschylus
   Darko Suvin.
As part of his VRF, Professor Suvin will be giving an online public lecture on ‘The Politics of Hope and Indignation – Two Case Studies’  – use the hyperlink for details and preparatory papers – which is taking place on Weds 8 February at 2.00pm. This will be followed up by a workshop in April (details to be confirmed).