We are really pleased to welcome Professor Forkert, who joins CMNH as VRF for 2022-23.
Kirsten Forkert is a researcher, teacher and activist. She is based at the Birmingham Institute of Media and English at BCU, where she’s also one of the Associate Directors of the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research. Her work is based in Cultural Studies and engages with questions around migration and nationalism; her most recent project is the co-authored book, How Media and Conflicts Make Migrants (2020), which was based on a collaborative project with researchers and community organisations in the UK and Italy. She’s also on the editorial collectives of Soundings and Lawrence and Wishart Books. Kirsten is developing on new research around the transnational political imagination and migrant justice, and is interested in exploring the role of memory and history within the context of this work.
Kirsten’s time as VRF will kick-start with a joint and collaborative work-in-progress session for members of the Birmingham Centre for Media & Cultural Research and Centre for Memory, Narrative & Histories, due to take place online on Weds 16 November at 16.00 – for details about the event and how to register, please click onto eventbrite. She will also be contributing a workshop to the Techne Conflux Programme of events on rethinking the archive in January 2023.
I’m looking forward to meeting colleagues at the Centre, and discussing your ideas and your work, and I’m also looking forward to sharing my work with you.
Professor Forkert