Transnational Solidarity: Anticolonialism in the global sixties

Book Launch and Panel Presentation – in-person and online

Thursday 29 September, 5:30pm – 7:00pm (BST)

Room G7, Pavilion Parade, City Campus, University of Brighton

Online via Zoom

The Centre of Memory, Narrative and Histories, University of Brighton, invites you to join editors Zeina Maasri, Cathy Bergin and Francesca Burke and a panel of contributors in celebrating the publication of Transnational solidarity: Anticolonialism in the global sixties (Manchester University Press, 2022).


  • Talat Ahmed – Senior Lecturer in South Asian History, University of Edinburgh
  • Víctor Barros – Researcher at Instituto de História Contemporânea, NOVA University of Lisbon
  • Marina Cardozo Prieto – Associate Professor in Contemporary History, University of the Republic (Uruguay)

This event is free and open to all in person and online. Please make sure that you register via Ticketsource. We hope to see you there!

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About the book:

Transnational solidarity excavates the forgotten histories of solidarity that were vital to radical political imaginaries during the ‘long’ 1960s. It decentres the conventional Western focus of this critical historical moment by foregrounding transnational solidarity with, and across, anticolonial and anti-imperialist liberation struggles. The book traces the ways in which solidarity was conceived, imagined and enacted in the border crossings – of nation, race and class – made by grassroots activists. Bringing together original research with contributions from veteran activists and artists, this interdisciplinary volume explores how transnational solidarity was expressed in and carried through the itineraries of migrants and revolutionaries, film and print cultures, art and sport, political campaigns and armed struggle. It presents a novel perspective on radical politics of the global sixties which remains crucial to understanding anti-racist solidarity today.


Foreword – Vijay Prashad

Introduction: Transnational solidarity in the long sixties – Zeina Maasri, Cathy Bergin and Francesca Burke

1 ‘We took the notion’ – Bernadette Devlin McAliskey

2 The voice of the immigrant worker and the rise and fall of France’s long 1968 – Matt Myers

3 Comités Palestine (1970-72): on the origins of solidarity with the Palestinian cause in France – Abdellali Hajjat

4 Cultural guerrilla: tricontinental genealogies of 1968 – Paula Barreiro López

5 New left encounters in Latin America: transnational revolutionaries, exiles and the formation of the Tupamaros in early 1960s Montevideo – Marina Cardozo

6 Connected struggles, anticolonial solidarity and liberation movements in the Portuguese colonies in Africa – Víctor Barros

7 ‘Action needed’: the American Committee on Africa and solidarity with Angola – Aurora Almada e Santos

8 On transnational feminist solidarity: the case of Angela Davis in Egypt – Sara Salem

9 ‘Don’t play with apartheid’: anti-racist solidarity in Britain with South African sports – Christian Høgsbjerg

10 The Gulf Committee: Interview with Helen Lackner

11 ‘The brilliant sun of revolt’ rising in the East: solidarity in Britain with the uprising in Pakistan of 1968-69 – Talat Ahmed

12 Palestine through the prism of Pakistani cinema: imagining sameness and solidarity
through Zerqa (1969) – Sabah Haider

13 The long sixties and Islamist activism: radical transregional solidarities – Claudia Derichs

14 A witness of our time (1972): Selected drawings by Dia al-Azzawi

15 Greece in the Third World: solidarity through metonymy in a refugee magazine
from the GDR – Mary Ikoniadou

16 Solidarity as an absence: the productive limits of Adorno’s thought – Patricia McManus



Zeina Maasri, Senior Lecturer in Global Visual Culture, University of Bristol

Cathy Bergin, Principal Lecturer on the Humanities Programme, University of Brighton

Francesca Burke, Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Brighton