What’s happening to cultural studies?

Centre for Memory, Narrative and Histories (CMNH)

University of Brighton

14th-16th September, 2022

‘What’s Happening to Cultural Studies?’ is a three-day online workshop designed to provide a focus for conversations about the shift in the role and capacities of cultural studies as an academic discipline in the twenty-first century. We stress the dual nature of the ‘discipline’: cultural studies is taught and cultural studies is researched. The relationship between these two aspects is one of the questions we hope this event will explore.

There are around 20 speakers over three days, with keynote speakers including:

  • Jackie Stacey
  • John Clarke
  • Julian Henriques
  • Graham Dawson
  • Nick Beech
  • Lawrence Grossberg
  • Shakuntala Banaji
  • Jeremy Gilbert

If you’d like to listen to talks and take part in discussion and debate over the three days please register here:

Links to zoom will be updated in the coming days.

Full information about the workshops and presentations can be found here:
(link to PDF)

If you have questions please get in touch at: culturalstudies@brighton.ac.uk