Deadline extended to 17 June!

The Centre for Memory, Narrative and Histories (CMNH) at the University of Brighton invites applications for Visiting Research Fellows (VRF) to spend time at the Centre in the autumn semester (September-January 2022-23) OR the spring semester (February-June 2023) of 2022/23 to pursue their research within CMNH and develop collaborations with its members. 

CMNH fosters research excellence in modern cultural history and cultural memory studies.   

Our researchers investigate the complex relationships between past, present and future, foregrounding subordinate and marginalised history and memory in relation to official narrative, and focusing on questions of power, identity and experience. CMNH is committed to interdisciplinary research that challenges social inequalities, oppressions and injustices, interrogates received meanings of the past, and produces alternative accounts that help to generate transformative thinking and politics. We bring together researchers who approach their mutual interests from diverse angles, utilising research methods, concepts and theories from history, cultural studies and memory studies, and drawing also on, literary, visual and screen studies and narratology to explore forms of representation in the past and about the past; on social anthropology and cultural geography to address relations between temporality and space/place; on psychoanalysis and sociology to situate understandings of the past, present and future within structures of selfhoods and society. Our interdisciplinary research is organised principally, but not exclusively, according to these set of themes:  

  • Reparative histories: empire, ‘race’ and anticolonialism 
  • Medical histories, memories and narratives  
  • War, conflict and ‘post-conflict’ transformation 
  • Cultural Heritage  
  • Historical literary cultures and memory 
  • Visual culture, history and memory 

We particularly welcome applications that address these research areas. Further details about these and our members can be found on CMNH’s webpage 

Visiting Research Fellows will have access to: 

  • a University of Brighton campus card, which enables access to University facilities and resources 
  • Information Services (including libraries) and to computer, printing and copying facilities 
  • a University of Brighton email address 
  • a sponsor (a member of CMNH academic staff) plus administrative support 

 Visiting Research Fellows will be expected to: 

Contribute to the research culture of the centre by:  

  • presenting their research to the wider membership 
  • convening a proposed activity (eg. a workshop, symposium, reading group etc.)  
  • and/or collaborating with CMNH members on developing an external funding application 

Fellowships run for the duration of the semester, fellows are not expected to reside in Brighton for all of this time, but will be required to visit Brighton to benefit from and contribute to our research community (stays are usually expected to last between two weeks and two months). For visa purposes, where needed, CMNH can provide a letter with the formal start / end dates plus an outline of the specifics of the role.  

Application Process   

Applications should include:  

  1. Statement of interest with: 
    • their proposed contribution to CMNH’s research culture 
    • the fit with one or more of CMNH’s above listed themes 
    • details of the collaborative activities and outcomes to be delivered during their Fellowship 

      2. CV 

Applications are due by 5pm GMT on 17 June 2022 to

 Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by 20th of June 2022.  

Potential applicants are welcome to contact the CMNH Co-Directors, Dr. Deborah Madden <> or Dr. Zeina Maasri < >  

Visiting Research Fellows further guidance.