Dr Sara Salem (London School of Economics). Online Seminar.

This talk focuses the powerful project created in the aftermath of Egypt’s decolonisation in the 1950s and 1960s, led by Gamal Abdel Nasser. Through an imagined conversation between Antonio Gramsci and Frantz Fanon, two foundational theorists of anti-capitalism and anticolonialism, questions of decolonisation, capitalism, resistance, and mastery are explored in order to excavate anticolonial politics in all of its complexity. The talk also explores what this particular moment means in the present, and what it has to tell us about the way we narrate and remember histories of anticolonial struggle.

Sara Salem is an Assistant Professor in Sociology at the London School of Economics. Her research interests include political sociology, postcolonial studies, Marxist theory, and global histories of empire and anticolonialism. Her recently published book with Cambridge University Press is entitled Anticolonial Afterlives in Egypt: The Politics of Hegemony (2020).

Image credited to Hossam Dirar.