22nd Mar 2019 11:15am-2:30pm

Checkland Building, A501, Falmer Campus

Co-organised by Healthy Futures and the Centre for Memory, Narrative and Histories

Are you interested in how health, heritage and memory intersect in research and learning both across the academy and community? Are you aware of the resources available that might reveal something new about health, heritage and memory, or give rise to new questions? You might be keen to develop research and community projects, find out about funding opportunities and potential bid writing collaborations, or you might have information to share with others about your archive, resources or funding opportunities.

In recent years there has been increasingly acknowledgement of the important role that heritage, whether it’s the built environment or a more expanded notion of cultural heritage, can play in terms of fostering a sense of ‘belonging’ and well-being that’s related to identity and a shared memory of the past. Our hub will circle questions such as: What is the human experience of well-being? In what ways do memory and heritage have a role to play in the human experience of well-being? We are interested in gathering illustrations of heritage as a context to understand health and historical health care and in finding ways of examining the distinctions between health and well-being and how these are both linked to the concerns of cultural memory and heritage, here heritage can add to our understandings of health and well-being.

Come and find out more about the Health, Heritage and Memory Hub at this networking event that is intended for any individual, group or organisation from the across the public, community or academic spheres. We will begin with a programme of short five minute slots for participants to explain their research, teaching, training, resources and project ideas in order to recognise common pursuits and potential collaborations. There will be time to exchange ideas over lunch as well as finding out more about colleagues working on shared research themes and methodologies.