6th Nov 2013 5:00pm-7:00pm

Grand Parade


Dr Dora Carpenter-Latiri, University of Brighton

In summer 2011, shortly after the Tunisian Revolution I started writing a literary piece which was published in January 2013 (Tunis, Paris: Elyzad). The French title is ‘Un amour de tn. Carnet photographique d’un retour au pays natal après la Révolution.’ and my English working title is ‘tn in love.Photographic notebook of a return to the native land after the Revolution.’ The text can be described as a travel narrative in post-revolution Tunisia; it is also autobiographical and comes as a collection of fragments with photos. I will be talking about the writing process and relate it to the Revolution in progress focusing more specifically on gender, minorities, and the marginalised.


Dr Dora Carpenter-Latiri has been senior lecturer at the University of Brighton since 1997 where she teaches literature. She was born in Tunisia, and has lived and studied in Paris. Her publications deal with language, literature and; She is also a photographer.