What ADR Book are you reading?‘Rising Above Office Conflict A Light-Hearted Guide for the Heavy-Hearted Employee.’

@Expert Views on ADR (EVA) Vid /Podcast presents #What ADR Book are you reading?

The idea behind this initiative is to encourage ADR Advocates, enthusiasts, practitioners and users or potential users of ADR to share ADR books they are reading or have read. The aim is to raise awareness of the benefits of utilising ADR to settle conflicts and disputes and make it a more widely recognised and utilised practice.

Currently, I am reading Professor Clare E Fowler’s ADR Book ‘Rising Above Office Conflict A Light-Hearted Guide for the Heavy-Hearted Employee.’

Excerpts from the book:


Most initial interactions, even with an angry person, are fairly benign. The problem with conflicts is when they escalate.

Let’s say you ask the new intern to grab more creamer for the office kitchen. He comes in the next day with almond milk creamer, and you wanted half-half.  Not a big deal, right? You let him know, and the next day he grabs half-half.  Now you have what you need to make your coffee taste like not-coffee.

But then, he does it again. He comes in with almond milk creamer! Now, clearly, the intern has disregarded your request on purpose.

What an insolent, entitled little snot. You extended him mercy the first time? Let your wrath rain down!

This could be a simple little conflict, right? Ask him why, and maybe tells you that the rest of the staff appreciated the almond milk creamer. Maybe he actually bought both types. Or maybe he is really just dim and forgot. This could be a simple conflict resolved with simple conversation.

But it escalated. You felt like your wishes were ignored.”

I must say that Professor Clare Fowler’s book is an absolutely indispensable resource for anyone seeking practical solutions to address workplace conflicts or disputes such as discrimination, bullying, and harassment. The insights and strategies presented within the pages of this book are universally applicable and can help prevent conflicts from escalating or effectively resolve those that have already done so. Employers who have not established an ombuds role are encouraged to get this book. From personal experience, I confidently endorse or recommend it as an effective tool for tackling workplace conflicts head-on.

So, what ADR book are you reading or have read? Have you encountered any exciting excerpts or quotes from an ADR book you would like to share? Let us continue the conversation and spread awareness about the importance of Appropriate Dispute Resolution!

With my Nigerian accent (lol), Grab your copy now from Amazon! And with my not-so-British accent, Do not hesitate to get hold of this book on Amazon! And in an American accent, “This book is awesome, You all! Don’t miss out – grab your copy from Amazon!” 

I look forward to hearing your insights!


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