Diary Day 2 of the American Bar Association ABA_SpringDR23

Diary Day 2 of the American Bar Association (ABA) Spring Conference 2023.

I attended some continuing legal education (CLE) sessions and met with speakers that have been on Expert Views on ADR (EVA) vid/ podcast show (pic 1 and 2).

Pic 1- Professor David Allen Larson, past chair of the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution and one my mentors. Pic 2: Professor Kevin Scudder, founder of Seattle LLC. I also met great speakers and attendees that are yet to be on the (EVA) Show😀hopefully, we will be seeing some of them -fingers crossed.  Pictures include- Pic 3 Prof Claire Fowler of mediate.com; pic 4-Natalie Armstrong, founder of the  Marketing Resolution, Pic 5, one of my mentors Prof Hiro Arogaki, Pic 6- Professor Amy Schmitz of Ohio state university and Oladeji Tiamiyu, a senior clinical fellow at Harvard University; Pic 7 Melissa Brogdon, one of the founders of Fourth Party Mediation, Pic 8- Prof Kristen Blankley- Nebraska University and Prof Rachel Weschier- University of Missouri, Pict 9-Bryan of fourth party mediation and pic 10-Ron Dolin of Mediate.com- Chief Innovation officer at odr.com.

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