Achievements of the ABA Dispute Resolution Thus Far With Prof David Allen Larson & Prof James Alfini



I was excited to welcome Professor David Allen Larson and Dean and Emeritus Professor James Alfini to the Expert Views on ADR (EVA) Show. Professor David is a Senior Fellow at the Dispute Resolution Institute; he has been involved with online dispute resolution since 1999 and is a System Designer. Professor James also has expertise in dispute resolution-he served as #director of #education and #research at the #florida Dispute Resolution Center and was a member of the Florida Supreme Court Arbitration and Mediation Rules Committee. Professor David and Professor James once served as Chairs of the American Bar Association, Section of Dispute Resolution.

They wear many hats, so I have left the links to their profile below:……

We critically analysed the following questions:

1. What led to the birth of the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution?

2. At the inception of the Section, what were the major obstacles and challenges faced?

3. Looking at the law before the advent of the ABA Dispute Resolution Section, what areas were of major concern, and how would you assess the impact made so far?

4. With the introduction of the Dispute Resolution section, what are your assessments of its use, accessibility to the public, and implementation, and how would you assess people’s reactions and patronage of the Section?

5. Recently, the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution diversified the composition of its members.

What necessitated this and its advantages thus far?

6. Looking at the ABA, what are the notable achievements of the intervention of the Dispute Resolution Section?

7. What areas of the #dispute Resolution section require improvement?

8. What recommendations do you think you could give to improve the usefulness and service of the dispute resolution section in the nearest future?

9. What categories of persons can sustain a practice as a #disputeresolution practitioner, and what are the required qualifications?



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To be continued

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